Customized Magnetic HiFi Audio Products for Music Lovers

Who does not love music? Music is such a soothing as well as refreshing thing that can make anyone feel good. But have you ever thought of the equipment that is made in order to provide you with such a blissful experience. A lot of research and innovation activities are put in so that products like magnetic amplifiers and audio come up. Magnet is such a wonderful thing that has been used to make numerous things of wonder.

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Let us see the examples of magnetic products and get a glimpse of their use.

Tune Integrated Amplifier:

Coming with a tube cover and a remote control, this equipment provides two types of sound from one amplifier. Another thing about this beauty is that it is hand made. You can buy high quality hifi glasgow online. It can be used by the DJ’s at parties to rock the dance floor. External hum balance adjustment is possible. The time to start is microseconds and the working is smooth as it goes through several testing phases after being hand built.

Magnetic Audio Tube CD Player:

It comes with USB that makes it a balanced tool. It is both a CD player and a USB DAC machine. Laced with the dual benefits, this device also comes with harmonic distortion. It has a frequency response ranging from 20hz to 20khz plus 3db. The dynamic range also goes up to 120db. It can work in all sorts of environment be it summer, winter or rainy.

Magnetic Coaxial Loudspeaker:

Coming with a gross weight of around 68 kg, this loudspeaker provides the volume response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz. The brand new version is 12 inches tall with coaxial horns available. It is very much input sensitive and can work well in a Bungalow or a big 4 BHK apartment. These loudspeakers are a new innovative product that are affordable and worth buying.

Power Filter Socket Suppliers:

Sockets are so important because a number of plugs are needed to be connected to create that perfect working environment in a studio. Therefore, paying attention to this can seem to be a petty issue, but it carries a lot of importance. Magnetic socket suppliers are made up of pure copper that leads to minimum transmission loss and deliver high quality sound. The energy rate enhances leading to the creation of a perfect symphony. It also comes with distributed circuits so that there is less interference and high fidelity.


All these products are just the bird’s eye view of the magnetic products that are available for the music industry aspirants. There are a lot more that are available and can be researched upon. It is never an easy task to make a band, but it is these wise decisions regarding the correct products that make all the difference.

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